Ready To Control Your Healthcare Journey?

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Builders of better
group benefit captives

With the cost of benefits increasing at a frightening pace, employers are looking for alternative health financing solutions. Group benefit captives have been utilized for many years to contain costs, increase stability, and mitigate risk. Teneo Health has built a high-performance group benefit captive for mid-market employers. We've combined best-in-class vendors with a care coordination and navigation solution which allows our members to control their healthcare journey.

The Teneo Health Difference

Turn-key Captive Program

Teneo Health makes self-funding easy by packaging third party administration, tailored stop loss coverage, and prescription benefits management together in a proven, powerhouse cost-containment strategy that will change the way you see healthcare benefits.

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Care Coordination & Navigation

Our Care Coordinators are the single point of contact for all customer service and care management requests. These highly-trained professionals resolve issues, eliminate confusion, and help employees make better use of their benefits, limiting unnecessary medical events and associated costs along the way.

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Holistic Approach

You no longer need to choose between containing costs and caring for your employees, because we offer the perfect package of programs to bend your health care trend line, decrease costs over time, and give your employees access to better care. Employer groups can expect immediate savings while your employees experience unmatched advocacy.

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We understand that one size doesn't always fit all. Our expert team can help you build the perfect custom captive solution that's right for you. We can help you develop and execute a multi-year business plan and provide management and oversight to ensure that you meet your goals.

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Our revolutionary approach to healthcare supports both employer and employee with a self-funded plan centered around care coordination. With cream-of-the-crop vendors and partnerships around the nation, our highly-researched product supports both the employer and the employee with cutting-edge, Fortune 500 benefits and cost-saving solutions that bend the trend of uncontrollable healthcare spending.

Teneo Health utilizes Springbuk to offer a 360 degree view of an employer's population. This comprehensive, cutting-edge tool allows you to isolate key cost drivers and trends, forecast future spend before it's too late to engage, view complete population of employees, spouses, and dependents, and stay connected with real-time alerts on your population.