About Teneo Health

What's in a name

Teneo (te.nā.ō) is a latin word that means to possess, to understand, or to maintain. We chose the name Teneo Health because we believe that our extensive industry knowledge places us in a unique position to empower employers to possess, understand, and maintain the health of their medical benefit plan. We believe the best way to do that is through a group benefit captive arrangement where we can pair you with similar employer groups that strive to contain costs and want to benefit from the savings generated in a captive arrangement.

Teneo Health forms and manages employee benefit group captives that allow employers to contain costs and produce long term savings for the future of their health benefit plans. Our team has been unbundling the partially self funded market for over 15 years and have found the best tools and vendors in the industry to drive costs down, create independence, and bend the cost trend. When you partner with Teneo Health you get world class service and the best minds in the self funded market. We will guide you through the health insurance maze and guard your plan assets.

The Teneo Health Team