There are countless benefits to implementing a high performance group benefit captive with Teneo Health. With our focus on care coordination and navigation, cost containment, and long-term behavior change, Teneo Health’s ground breaking program delivers tangible results and better claims experience for captive members.

Higher employee Engagement PRODUCES Better Outcomes.

As the single point of contact for our members, we are uniquely positioned to guide them in their healthcare journey. We are able to evaluate information in real time and positively impact behavior to drive down cost. Engaging employees earlier and more often results in significant savings for employers and provides a better healthcare experience for employees.

Engagement Metrics

We define engagement as a meaningful conversation that provides a measurable impact.

Improved Utilization Changes Behaviors

Real-time guidance drives more effective utilization of healthcare services and eliminates wasteful spending. Readmissions, hospital stays, ER visits and inappropriate self-referrals, are greatly reduced saving employer groups money with every care coordinator interaction.

Reduced Costs Year Over Year

In their first year with Teneo Health, clients see an immediate reduction in their healthcare costs with 53% of clients lowering costs in year one. As time goes on, our clients continue to see cost savings, with an average cost reduction of 20% by year three.

Bending the Trend

Over time, Teneo Health helps reduce employer health benefits spending, effectively bending the trend of overspending on health insurance. In fact, 94% of employer groups see their spending trend improve over the prior three years.

Better Member Satisfaction

Our cost-saving solutions put employers back in the driver’s seat, which lets them create a better experience for their members. As a result, satisfaction rates go up and the HR headaches are greatly reduced.